Subject # 7 Sarah S. of Canberra

ACT, Australia, Canberra

SarahS5 SarahS7 SarahS4

Despite emerging from her LEGO Dark Ages in 2008, it took Sarah S. of Canberra until 2012 before she started to build her own creations. Since then she has won a number of awards for her Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings creations.

Sarah’s LEGO bricks are neatly stored in well organised and labelled plastic drawers and storage boxes. The parts are sorted by type, then colour and are stored inside ziplock bags. Her instructions are stored in a filing cabinet. She has quite a few of her favourite sets on display and keeping them dust free is quite a task.

The endless creativity that comes from building with LEGO Bricks is one of Sarah’s favourite things about being an AFOL. She is always impressed by the range of projects that can be made using the humble LEGO brick. Conversely, Sarah believes there is always a risk that your creativity may exceed your budget and LEGO-induced poverty can be a real risk for some AFOLs.

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