Subject # 18 David C. of Melbourne

Australia, Melbourne

David C2 DavidC7

David C. of Melbourne believes he began his love of LEGO with Duplo when he was toddler. He then received his first regular LEGO set around the age of 5 or 6. He was an avid fan and builder for many years until he discovered computers as a 12 year old. David finally emerged from his Dark Age around the age of 20 and hasn’t stopped building with LEGO ever since.

Although currently a member of MUGs (Melbourne LEGO User Group), David hasn’t always lived in Melbourne. He grew up in South Australia and moved to Melbourne as an adult. He also spent a few years living in Glasgow but was not involved in the LEGO Fan community whilst there.

His favourite theme is Space but he also has a love of castle. He’s a bit intimidated by the “modern’” castle building style which he believes looks very fiddly and detailed and doesn’t look much like castles (or even ruins) that he has visited.

The parts in David’s collection are mostly stored by type. Some parts get their own container (1×1, 1×2, 2×4 etc), some get grouped with similar parts (“curved things”), and others just get dumped together because they’re parts he doesn’t use much (“those fiddly technic bits”). In general, he says, colours are mixed together for each type of part. Sometimes he does a colour split on a part type because the some parts have gotten too big for a single container – such as the 2×4 bricks.

DavidC6 DavidC4 David C5

David loves building with LEGO bricks but doesn’t get nearly enough time as he has two young children in the house. When he does get a chance to build, he likes to head to his LEGO Room, put on some music and get completely engrossed for a few hours. Lack of time and lack of money have held back his building plans over the years. He has some fantastic ideas and half-started projects that he’d love to complete one day.

One thought on “Subject # 18 David C. of Melbourne

  1. Nice to see a new Post up. Once again a nice rundown on how someone goes about their LEGO thing 🙂
    Interesting to see how each person sorts and stores. I cant wait to get enough storage to sort it all properly 🙂


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