Subject #1: JC of Melbourne

Australia, Melbourne, Victoria


JC of Melbourne doesn’t remember when he first developed a love for LEGO bricks as it happened when he was a small child. However, he was able to revisit his love of LEGO when his son started collecting the second series of the Collectable Minifigs in 2010.

He doesn’t have much of a storage philosophy at the moment because he has limited space in his small apartment. The majority of his spare parts and LEGO bulk are stored in cardboard boxes until he needs them for a build. Whilst building, he stores the parts he is using in tubs and drawers, which he acquired from Aldi (see picture). JC described this method as a “mess” but he hopes to one day have an organized set up in a double garage with lots of room for storage and building.

The best thing about LEGO bricks, for JC, is watching his son play and use his imagination. JC enjoys the social interaction with other AFOLs and loves seeing the creations made by other people. His least favourite aspect is the cost. For him, it severely limits his ability to complete builds. As a MOC builder he has a wealth of ideas of models to design and build but he believes it will be years before he can make them a reality due to the restrictive cost of purchasing the LEGO bricks. JC states that, costs aside, the only true limitation to building with LEGO bricks is one’s own imagination.

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