Subject #5 David B. of Canberra

ACT, Australia, Canberra

DavidB1 DavidB2 DavidB3

Long term Canberra resident, David B., has early memories of trying to build Thunderbirds’ spaceships with his brother when he was in pre-school. He fondly remembers receiving a LEGO truck when he was around 5 and building it, pulling it apart and rebuilding it until he could build it without the instructions. His attempts to rebuild other toys weren’t quite as successful.

In terms of sorting, David prefers to first sort by colour and then by type. He currently doesn’t have access to the bulk of his collection but says it is perfectly organised in plastic drawers. His current working collection is stored rather haphazardly in plastic containers. Once he has built a MOC, he usually boxes it up straight away for storage and future transport. His new or better MOCs are stored in plastic containers. Others are stored in cardboard boxes.

David’s favourite thing about being an AFOL is designing a MOC and then seeing his design come to life when he finally puts the bricks together and builds his creation. At the moment, he believes there is no downside to being an AFOL.

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